Partnership Working

At Aspects Care Handsworth office, we are committed to partnership working

Working with vulnerable people with mental health diagnoses means that we work in partnership with various community mental health teams across Birmingham to promote the well being of our citizens. We work with various benefit and financial hardship agencies, such as food banks, to promote our citizens’ financial well being and overall health, ensuring they can afford the essentials needed to provide a better quality of life. We work with various leisure centres and day centres to promote social inclusion. We also have our own Citizen Involvement Group, where our citizens meet together to discuss new ideas about support and activities they enjoy. We work with social services to ensure our citizens are safeguarded, and work with various organisations, such as West Midlands Fire Service, to ensure our citizens are living safely. We work with local churches and multicultural services in order to tailor our support to individual needs.

Owen Raybould from Birmingham MIND joined us to deliver a presentation on healthy eating

Mark Blochette from Reach Out Recovery joined us to explain the effects of various substances and how to support some of our citizens to reduce substance misuse

"Myself and Henna were working in partnership together with client NF. I found working with Henna very positive and she had a really positive relationship with NF. I feel the support given was above job expectation, and the positive relationship that Henna had with NF had a big impact on improving NF’s mental health. Henna also was able to carry out all actions needed in a very prompt and timely manner. I feel that the work Aspects Care provides is very positive to families, and they do amazing partnership working so I do not feel there is a need for the service to improve."
Ms. P. Thomas - (Bloomsbury Nursery School and Children’s Centre)

“My supervisor, Dr Alison Hayes, has asked me to contact Aspects Care as she was so impressed by a support worker who supports a service user that we are involved with. The support worker is Lorraine. Alison has said that she would like to clone Lorraine! We have so many clients who would benefit from the excellent supportive relationship that she is able to offer her clients.”
Mercedes Chambers - (Assistant Clinical Psychologist – Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust)

“Your support workers Lorraine and Lynnette were very good. They understood what the clients needs were. They were here for the client’s best interests at heart. I have seen quite a few support workers and Lorraine and Lynnette are excellent. It is rare nowadays to find support workers who care about their clients.”
D. McGaw - (Birmingham Citizen’s Advice Bureau)

“The staff are very motivational and enthusiastic and provide an excellent service to the services users. They work in collaboration with the NHS to devise a plan of care to provide an excellent service to the service users. Without their service there would be a huge gap in the service user’s care.”
Nadia Rehman - (CPN – Aston & Nechells Community Mental Health Team)