At Aspects Care Ltd we value the view and thoughts about the services we provide as well as our staff. You can read some of our feedback below.

Fahiza has helped me so much and helped me gain belief in some hard times. I really appreciate her; she goes the extra mile to help me. I don’t know what I would have done without her help over the last few weeks. She is very good at her job and genuine.
Ms. S. Wootton
26th May 2016

I would like to compliment Juliet on her professionalism and speed at getting things done for me. I’d like to express a big thank you to Juliet and Aspects Care for providing me with support at a time when I needed it most.
Ms. P. Gibbins
26th May 2016

I am so happy. Thank you to Amy and everybody in the team! You have made me stronger and more able to ask people things. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much! Amy is a joy
Ms. J. Woodhead
11th May 2016

Fahiza is a very good support worker. She was able to communicate very well with me (in Urdu). She was able to take me out to do activities. Thank you
Ms. R. Bibi
5th May 2016

Syreena is the most positive person I have ever met. Syreena is very dedicated to her job, no matter what situation I’ve been in. Syreena has always managed to make me smile. I think Syreena is brilliant
Mr. D. Huyton
1st May 2016

Terrian is fantastic; she is helping me to find a new property. She deserves a pay rise!
Mrs R. Butler
20th April 2016

Thank you for travelling from so far to see me and support me yesterday. Thank you also for waiting and supporting me when I was discharged after my operation, and for helping me to settle down at home. My thanks are to Ester and Joanne for supporting me to and from the Birmingham Treatment Centre. Ester is so good and she’s a lovely person. She genuinely cares for the citizens that she works with; I just like how she looks after my support needs. Bless Ester and may she ever experience happiness with her family as she succeeds with reconciling me with my family.
Ms A. K. Plaha
20th April 2016

The first time I was introduced to Syreena, she was very nice and professional. Any problem that I have she will always sort them out for me; she has been good to me.
Mr H. John
14th April 2016

I cannot thank Natasha enough for helping me, If she was not at my interview for P.I.P. benefit, I would not have felt the confidence to speak up. Thank you! Also, Natasha is helping me build my confidence in helping me to simply get out and about – normally I do not want to leave my flat. Even just a weekly walk to the library and back makes a huge difference.
Ms C. Watts
11th April 2016

I find Fahiza always professional, extremely helpful, and incredibly supportive. She does go above and beyond her job role to support me. She was sick snd still helped me to attend my assessment at Five Ways. She’s lovely and I appreciate everything she does for me.
Ms S. Dean
31st March 2016

Aspects Care is an amazing team of amazing staff. When you’re allocated a support worker, your life changes for the better. My support worker Vanessa came into my life with a magic wand; she is fantastic at her job and is a fantastic person. She did so much for me. Without her help and support I wouldn’t have been able to have coped with everyday living, had I not had the help and support from Vanessa. With any problems I had, Vanessa was straight on it. She sorted out any problem I had and never gave up; she carried it through until we got the outcome we were after. Vanessa listened to my problems; I was able to talk to her about anything and was comfortable in doing so. Thank you to Aspects Care for allocating Vanessa to me. Vanessa you have made a good impact on my life. I will never forget you and what you have done for me. Thank you!!
Ms T. Davies
23rd March 2016

I would like to say a big thank you for sending Kim for my support session. She has managed to get so much done and I am very happy with her hard work. Kim has been fabulous!
Ms E. Moon
11th March 2016

On the 16th of February I was escorted by my support worker Lorraine to attend the Aspects Care outing to Soho Tavern. The food was okay, but the company was better. I was able to converse with others and felt very comfortable, so would like to take the opportunity to thank my support worker. I would not do any of this without her kind support and prompting to enjoy life.
Mr M. Chohan
19th February 2016

Chanel is a good support worker. She helped me with my house move and to get furniture. She’s very easy to talk to and very friendly.
Miss. J. Downing
18th February 2016

Lorraine has been really helpful in sorting my finances out, and she is a joy to work with. Knowing my debts are not being sorted will help my mental well being; I am truly grateful for all that she does for me.
Mr A. Hodgson
17th February 2016

Irene has helped me overcome isolation. She has been very supportive when we have gone out. Irene was very good in explaining all my paper work to me when I didn’t understand it.
Ms A. Patel
16th February 2016

I would just like to say a very big thank you to Donna for her support. Being here by me has really helped me deal with things much better, and I would like people to know that there should be more people like Donna in this world who really do care about people and are genuine.
Ms T. Du
12th February 2016

Chanel has been a good support worker because she has helped me with going out more and feeling more confident.
Miss R. Reid
9th February 2016

I was very pleased with my support from Helen G today. She managed to get my debt for my gas supply squashed, which was a bit of an ongoing issue, so I’m very happy.
Mr M. Perry
3rd February 2016

I have had great support from Helen G at Aspects Care! She supported me well with library registration and housing issues. She has supported me well with advice, information, and also community events with other citizens at Aspects Care events.
Ms K. Stoddart
3rd February 2016

Chanel helped me when I needed support. She helped me to get a stair rail fitted. I would not have had the stair rail fitted if it wasn’t for her. Chanel is very reliable and always arrives when she says she will.
Mr S. Hayat
2nd February 2016

Ester has been very helpful in the support sessions. She’s willing to support me even at short notice and at difficult times, i.e. making telephone calls and supporting me during over time/ unsocial hours. She’s good with communication skills, including successfully completing online or paper forms.
Ms A. K. Plaha
29th January 2016

I would just like to thank Donna for her support over the past few weeks as I haven’t been myself. I haven’t wanted to go out, eat or even do my housework. She has taken me out and helped me get back on track. I would not have been able to do it without her support. Thank you for everything you have done for me, Donna
Ms. K. Burke
28th January 2016

Syreena is walways encouraging me using encouraging words, and is always understanding and lifting me up when I am feeling low and not motivated. She is really good at her work. Keep up the good blessed work that you do.
Ms. S. Rose
26th January 2016

I have come to know Agnieszka very well through group activities and through Jane, one of Agnieszka’s citizens. I have known Agnieszka since October 2015; in this time, Agnieszka has always had a courteous manner. I want to take this time to thank Agnieszka for her outstanding work and for helping me achieve my goals, and helping me feel more comfortable in group activities. I personally think Agnieszka has great leadership qualities, after seeing the way she ran the anxiety group on Monday 18th January 2016. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and more importantly Agnieszka for her professionalism. Agnieszka is a true credit to your company.
Mr D. Huyton
22nd January 2016

Amy has helped me considerably. I feel comfortable offloading my problems and burdens onto her and feel a lot better. A problem shared is a problem solved!
Ms M. Murphy
19th January 2016

Rohan is always a pleasure to see, is very proficient and always on time. Rohan deserves recognition for going the extra mile.
Mr D. Phillips
15th January 2016

Latisha is such a lovely lady; she has supported me a lot in the last few months, especially in court. Latisha is a good listener; she makes me understand many situations that I ignore. Latisha is an excellent support worker; she gives good advice and helps me think more openly.
Ms. Z. Parveen
15th January 2016

Today Lorraine helped me rejoin Creative Support which is really good for me, as I’ll have more social activities.
Ms. J. Fisher
15th January 2016

I find it hard to get my head around certain situations. Lorraine keeps me on track and at times level headed. It takes me a long time to trust anyone at all and I am hard work, but Lorraine sticks with it without changing the goal posts.
Mr R. Margetanski
14th January 2016

My mum has been supported by Lynnette for months now and she has helped a lot. Her job consists of filling in paperwork, going to appointments with my mum, and also carrying out phone calls. Overall, she has been amazing as she does her job to the best standard: she is kind, caring and understanding. She makes sure she puts my mum’s needs first and is always professional. There are many good qualities about her but thank you to the whole team: you’re doing a great job!
(On behalf of) Ms A. Hassan
10th January 2016

Since Craig has taken over he has been brilliant. He helps with my phone calls and comes with me to hospital appointments. We get on well, he is a nice chap. I have gotten used to Craig and he is very friendly.
Ms. S. Hill
31st December 2015

I look forward to my support sessions with Lorraine because it helps lift my mood and gives me encouragement to look at the bigger picture, and what I can do to distract my anxiety attacks.
Ms. J. Fisher
22nd December 2015

Muideen my support worker is a hardworking, brilliant person; very honest and intelligent. He has helped me a lot and motivated me a lot, and boosted my confidence. People out there just come and do their job and go, but he always helps me. I feel really good and my wife loves him; he’s a very noble guy and I can talk to him about anything. He’s doing a brilliant and fantastic job.
Mr. G K.
21st December 2015

Amy has really helped me so much today. We have done all my paperwork including my Personal Independence Payment application form; it was hard work! Well done Amy and merry Christmas Aspects Care Ltd.
Ms. D. Ismaili
21st December 2015

I would just like to thank Donna for all her help. She has helped me to gain more confidence by encouraging me to go out. I really don’t know what I would have done without her.
Ms. K. Harwood
21st December 2015

The citizen and panel meetings are friendly and informal. The presentation of the meeting is brilliant. The information provided is useful, and above all Barbara (Citizens Involvement Officer) has a positive aura around her. She is very kind.
Mr. M. Chohan
16th December 2015

Everything is great. Barbara (Citizens Involvement Officer) is a treasure and since she has been involved, things have improved.
Mr. K. Barber
16th December 2015

I have been with Agnieszka for a year now and loved having her as my support worker. She has made me very confident and made me believe in myself; I’m so happy with the service she has given me.
Ms. G. Smith
15th December 2015

I would like to thank Lynnette for stepping in at the last minute to come with my to my Personal Independence Payment tribunal. Without her support I don’t think I would have made it there.
Ms. S. Malcolm
14th December 2015

I am so happy I have Syreena as my support worker. She understands me and is so helpful in helping me organise my priorities. She acts fast in referring me to the right support, such as counselling.
Mr N. Chin
4th December 2015

Rohan has done a good job. He is a very nice person; he is very helpful and kind. He has helped me with my debts, going to the job centre and calls to the doctors.
Ms. T. Khan
1st December 2015

Rohan came to support me on a day when I was feeling quite distressed. We went to a walk in centre as I had missed my blood pressure appointment and waited patiently to be seen. Rohan was very engaging, helped to keep me uplifted and was very positive. Had he not come that day, I don’t know how I’d have been, maybe a lot worse.
Ms. K. Harwood
6th November 2015

The day when I went to my DWP benefit assessment, I had severe back pain and I did well to leave the house. My support worker Henna encouraged me to attend the assessment. She helped me prepare all my documents. I am very grateful for her ongoing support.
Ms. Q. Syeda
6th November 2015

I have only seen Latisha on two occasions, and on both she has managed to get me out of my prison cell (my flat) to get basic food and groceries. It makes me feel I have hope for the future. Thank you.
Ms. C. Watts
6th November 2015

I refused support at the start but Henna has helped me a lot and I want to have support weekly now. My landlord did not want to do the repairs and kept promising but never delivered. Henna stepped in and she got him to do the outstanding repairs within weeks. Thank you Aspects Care for helping me.
Ms. N. Fardose
25th November 2015

I would like to express my Gratitude in the way Peter has supported me. He is polite, courteous and very helpful. He makes everything that is affecting me less worrying, and for that I am very grateful. He was not my support worker and stepped in after I requested assistance, so thank you Peter.
Ms. S. Khan
20th November 2015

Over the past few years every support worker I’ve had has been amazing. I have had Vanessa over a year now. I don’t know what I’d do without Vanessa. She has conquered all my problems, leaving one or two that she is following up. She has not only helped me sort out bills and phone calls, but she’s been here to listen to my problems and talk to. She’s helped me more than my CPN.. I’ve opened up to her a lot as the trust I have in Vanessa is immense. If I had never had Aspects Care staff come into my life, I don’t know where I would be today, but I know I wouldn’t be as happy and stress-free as I am today. I can’t thank Aspects Care and Vanessa enough. Thank you!
Ms. T. Davies

I just want to say thanks to Donna for supporting me to apply for and receive the concessionary bus pass.
Ms. A. Tsegazeab

A big thank you to Ester for always being calm and collected, when problems of late have felt like they were going to consume me. Ester’s calming influence has kept me calm and focused. Keep providing an excellent service.
Ms. S. Malcolm

I am happy with the support that my support worker, Syreena, gives me. She understands my needs, she’s a good listener and she supports me well.
Ms. J. Moran

I have been so grateful to Aspects Care and Kimberly. I wouldn’t be stronger without you people. Kimberly has made me feel strong again. I don’t have to worry about letters or phone calls. I have never felt so good in a long time. I look forward to seeing her and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. She helps to get me out, and I didn’t do that before. My depression and anxiety goes away when I am with her. Without the support I would still be frightened and living in a flat with vile people. I can’t thank you enough Aspects Care and Kimberly.
Ms. J. Woodhead

Today Fahize came to support me in getting to the QE Hospital. I can honestly say that if she had not come to help me I would not have even made it to the hospital. She was very helpful once we were inside the hospital, and was able to speak on my behalf to the receptionists and show me where I had to go, etc. I honestly feel due to her help that I have had a positive result as the surgery I need will now go ahead soon. I am very grateful for her help and support to the hospital, inside, and also help to get me back home
Ms. C. Watts
July 2015

My support worker's name is Fahiza. I will be working outside soon and also going on a trip. This is a major improvement with the help of my good support worker, Fahiza
Mr S. Illahi
July 2015

I have found my support worker Agnieszka very friendly and easy to work with. She's been a very good support in helping me to get out the house
Ms J Hateley
July 2015

I am wirting to you with regard to your employee Nicola who has worked with me for several months now. I think it is important for you to know how highly I respect her professionalism and attention to my case. Without going in to detail it would be suffice to say that I am not the easiest person to work with and very seldom do I let my feelings known to anybody. However, Nicola has worked hard and has gained my confidence. Something that is not easily achieved even by some of my closest friends, and for that matter I include members of my family. Nicola is a credit to Aspects Care Ltd and I know that she has others in her caseload, but she makes me feel that I am the only one. This is just one of her many qualities. From my point of view, Nicola deserves to be recognised for her achievements with me; for without her continued help and support I very much doubt that I would have progressed this far, so soon
Mr P Smith
June 2015

On the 16th May 2015 I went to London with my support worker Lorraine. It was a big step for me because my OCD stops me getting about. We got the coach at 8:15am and got there 11:00am. We walked to Buckingham Palace, then got a taxi to Leicester Square to see M&M World. I bought a magnet. We had a look at three floors. I was really excited as it has been a long time since I have done anything away from my home. It was a big day for me as my OCF prevents me from getting out. We then went to Harrods; it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I bought a biscuit tin from Harrods and then bought something from Oxford Street Primark. I had one of the best days ever as I got to do something for me. I would never have been able to do this without the help, support and engagement of Lorraine. Thanks a million Lorraine for helping me realise I can push myself when I need to.
Mrs G Fields
June 2015

With Lorraine's support I've now got the confidence to use the computer on my own and successfully bid for properties
Ms J Fisher
June 2015

Lynnette was very helpful and supportive with me finding a council house. She came with me to view the property and was positive to show me the benefits of living here
Ms L Taylor
April 2015

Thank you Amy for helping me in town today with my anxiety and being patient with my walking and also thank you for being there when PIP came out and winning the case<
Mr B Gorman
April 2015

I would just like to thank Donna for the support she has given me in the last few weeks. She has helped me get back to my normal self
K. Burke

Marsh has been brilliant, caring and understanding. She has helped me with my PIP form and I now receive benefits from them. Marsh has helped me with four other payments (debts) which I’m now paying. Marsha comes to medical appointment with me and helped sort out my medication, I’m now on different anxiety tablets. I’m very happy to have a support worker like Marsh, she is one of a kind.

I would like to commend Lynette and Raymond, my sister Hazel’s support workers, for all they have done for Hazel over the past few months. Lynette and Raymond have worked hard to address Hazel’s health and housing issues. Lynette in particular seems to have made a connection with my sister because of her tenacity when dealing with Hazels’ issues. For myself knowing that Raymond and Lynette are there to support Hazel has eased some stress I have concerning Hazel’s wellbeing I would like to thank Lynette and Raymond on behalf of Hazel’s family.

Aspects have helped a lot with supporting me emotionally and with housing situation. Vanessa has been a great help for when I have been down.

I found my support worker Agna very friendly and easy to work with . She has been a very good support in helping me to get out of the house.
J. Hateley

I would like to compliment Kally, she is my support worker and she is amazing. She comes every week and listens to me whatever my problem is and she tries her hardest to help me sort it out. Nothing is too much for my support worker. Aspects Care is very lucky to have such a great person representing them and working on their behalf. Kally is remarkable individual who accomplishes so much.
Kally has supported with ongoing issues with my housing which we are currently trying to resolve, she has supported me to be on correct benefits, deal with debt issues and put me on the right path.


My time at Aspects Care has been good and rewarding; I'm treated like an adult and not just a number. Staff are very polite and friendly. Aspects Care has supported me with my move and I now feel positive about life. I take part in the activities organised by Aspects Care on a regular basis and I also attend Service User meetings on a monthly basis. Since I have been with Aspects Care I feel as if my voice is being heard and my thoughts and ideas are taken into consideration. I would like to thank the staff at Aspects Care and my support worker for getting me through the bad days.
Robert Butler

I have been receiving support from Aspects Care for approximately a year now. I feel very happy with the support given and I have achieved all my goals. I attend all activities organised by Aspects Care and I enjoy them very much as I've made new friends. I also took part in the training offered by Aspects Care and I enjoyed every moment of it. The training has helped me and I look forward to the future activities and training courses offered by Aspects Care. I would like to thank my support worker for the help she gave me; I am very grateful.